Nathan Dunlop

I have lived in the Sutherland shire my whole life, where I have attended school, played a few different sports and activities, and started out my working life.

I completed my TAFE course for real estate when I was 16, and started working full time from 17. I have loved every aspect of the job, and can't wait to learn more about the industry in the future.

A few things I have done over the years are;

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Little Athletics
  • Sailing

Best things I have done:

  • Travelled overseas with my family
  • Adopted a stray cat ( which is now very domesticated and lazy )
  • Leaving school to start my career early
  • Sailing

For fun I:

  • Spend time with my friends and family
  • Shopping
  • Meeting new people

I love Sydney because:

  • The shops in and around the city
  • The nightlife is amazing
  • The different festivals throughout the year